Classic Cigar Company endeavors to provide cigar enthusiasts with the finest customer service and luxury consumer goods in the world.  Our dedication is informed by generations of satisfied customers. Classic Cigar   guarantees quality, value and an exceptional consumer experience!

So how can Classic Cigar assist you on your quest to the perfect smoke? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • Affordability. 99% of the time, you’ll find the cigar(s) and items you want at the lowest prices on the web. We’d love to say 100% of the time, but that’d be an impossible lie – and true gentlemen aren’t liars.
  • Selection. We sell just about every domestic and imported, machine-made and hand rolled cigar from 5¢ to $50.00 apiece. Choose from singles, samplers, tins and boxes from top brands.
  • Convenience. Our online shopping cart makes it incredibly easy to modify, add and/or remove items from your order any time you want.
  • Support. If you know exactly what type of cigar you want – or have absolutely no idea where to begin – our Cigar Search will pinpoint your taste and set you on the right path.
  • Auctions. Participate in our routine cigar auctions to bid on your favorite brands and bask in the thrill of a steal.
  • Speed. When you submit an order by 3:00pm ET Monday through Saturday, it will be shipped out that very day – guaranteed. This is ensures freshness and a quick delivery.
  • Shipping Rates. You can expect 100% free shipping on some of classic;s most popular brands. 

It comes down to you – your experience, your convenience, your budget and your satisfaction. We’ve got years of cigar knowledge under our belt and we’re happy to share it in order to help guide you on that invigorating, sense-seducing adventure that is enjoying a cigar.